Analyze: To find out what something is made up of by identifying its components.

Critically Analyze: To find out critically what something is made up of by identifying its components.

Assess: To examine something, to determine something in order to judge or evaluate it.

Critically Assess: Assessment containing or involving comments and opinions that analyze or judge something, especially in a detailed way.

Bring out the Significance: Bring out the implied or intended meaning.

Capture the Movement: To seize or gain control over a fast changing.

Comment: An implied or indirect judgment.

Consider: To think carefully about something.

Debate: To talk about something at length and in detail, especially as part of a formal exchange of opinion.

Describe: To give an account of something by giving details of its characteristics.

Do you agree? Give examples: To have the same opinion about something as somebody else. Decorate with examples.

Discuss: To write or speak about the topic formally/officially.

Elaborate: To organize with thoroughness and careful attention to detail.

Elucidate: To explain and clarify something.

Evaluate: To consider or examine something in order to judge its value.

Examine: To study or investigate something.

Critically Examine: Critically study or investigate something.

Examine closely: To study or investigate something carefully or thoroughly.

Explain: To give reason for something that has happened, often as justification for it. To justify.

Formulate: To draw something up carefully and in detail.

Give Argument in favor of something: To give reason to support your argument.

Give your judgment in favor: To form sound opinions and make sensible decisions or reliable guesses.

Investigate: To take a look and see what has happened.

Justify: See Explain.

List out the Salient Features: Arrange the noticeable and striking distinctive features.

Highlight the Salient Features: Take out the best part.


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