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How to get Good Marks in APPSC exam

If you are an aspirant who wants to maximise your score in APPSC, you might have many questions in your mind as to how can you improve your score. Don’t take stress & makeup your mind to make strategy to get a good marks in exam. Don’t waste your time in worrying and too much thinking. Let us help you with some tips.

Revise main points, your notes & brief summary. During exam time set your time according to your exam. Attempt all questions. Short questions must be attempted first because these questions increase your score. Improve your calculation speed because calculator doesn’t be allowed in exam.
Be confident – Relax your mind when you start preparation for exam with cool mind. Make patience.

Be regular – If you started your study don’t be disturb, don’t be late & be regular.

Time management - Maintain a time according your exam. Prefer to study in morning time. Time set in your mind you does this work in time period.

Accuracy – You need to be more accurate and faster when you attempt your Question with accuracy.

Attempt all questions – Attempt all question. Short question must be attempt because these questions increase your score in exam. In exam completed all question in time. After reading the paper set the time for every question.

Get Familiar – Read all paper is carefully. Read every question three times. After reading the paper your half paper solves at a time and you did your question easily and quickly.

Check paper – After solve every question you check your paper and try to find out any mistake.

If you follow all the above given points diligently, you will definitely win in your exams.


  1. What about actual studying? Looks like all you need is too calm yourself down and everything will be alright(sounds like some cheeky song). You need to do your homework or at least read it. And you need to put some effort to it and don't apply everything on a simple chance.

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